In the late 70s, Abel Garcia migrated to the United States from Argentina.  He began working at Catalina's Market (the very first Argentine market in Los Angeles) in the city of Hollywood, California in the early 80s.  A couple of years later, Antonio Ferrari and his family migrated from Argentina and began working there as well.  They met and their friendship grew over the years.


After a few years, both decided to start saving all they could so one day, they could open their own market.  In 1994, their dream became a reality by opening their own market named El Gaucho Meat Market #1 in Redondo Beach, California.


Since then, El Gaucho Meat Market #1 has become one of the top Argentine markets in Los Angeles. Famous for their meat department, they have become well known in the rest of the community as well.  They have been featured in many magazines and newspapers throughout the years.


With their top-notch meat department, well-stocked Latin American groceries and wines, a full service deli-café featuring the best sandwiches in town and their famous empanadas, make El Gaucho Meat Market #1 your local market.


El Gaucho Meat Market offers the finest and freshest cuts of meat in town.  It specializes in Argentine style meat cuts and products including skirt steak, rib-eye steak, pork chops, homemade sausages, stuffed rolled meats and much more...  Also enjoy our famous marinated beef and chicken.


Experienced staff will help you select the best cuts, or even cut it to your own specifications.

El Gaucho Meat Market features a full service Deli & Café with a wide variety of submarine style sandwiches from rib-eye steak to vegetarian sandwiches.

Cappuccinos, Lattes and Espresso coffee are part of the delicious menu we offer.


You can have your order to go or, you can sit down and relax in our deli area with large flat TVs to watch your favorite soccer game.

Missing that special ingredient for your recipe? We not only carry your favorite Argentine products but also have a great selection of products from Mexico, Central America, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Spain and Italy.


From canned products, spices, condiments, coffee and sweets, to a great selection of imported wines. You'll be certain to find what you are looking for at El Gaucho Meat Market #1.

Yes, and we have them ready for the perfect snack, or the perfect meal.


Flavors available: Ground Beef, Chicken, Spicy Beef, Spicy Chicken, Spinach, Beef Potato, Chicken Potato, Sweet, and Tuna. Also, available in cocktail size. Pick a few, or place a large order for your party, event or gathering. We can accommodate  any size event. Talk to our staff about our catering services.

El Gaucho Meat Market #1

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Open Mon-Sat 9am-7pm

Sun 9am-5:30pm